Lip Kraze Cosmetics LLC, is a leading Cosmetics Brand based online and was founded 5 ½ years ago by Anitryl Williams.

It all started while she was working in a marketing office as an administrator. Anitryl Williams started off working your typical 8am-4pm that quickly changed to many days working 7am-7pm


Anitryl worked for a manager that had hands in many other businesses together with her husband.

She worked side by side with a very fortunate educated Stallion, "Period" whom was very fierce and bold and Anitryl looked up to her.

Within the first year Anitryl realized that marketing and sales was not for her because she hated it and wanted to be just like her former boss.

Anitryl wanted to run her own businesses too! She knew for sure that she had the potential and had to take decisive action immediately.

"I’m your average DIY’er/ Handyman with immense passion and love for creating new projects and building things" -Anitryl

It took Anitryl no time at all to figure out that she wanted to make lipstick.

So she did everything it took over a five-year span to learn everything she needed to know about making lipstick. She learned how different products mix with one another and what equipment to use.

Today, Natural products are the world’s most leading promotion for keeping the skin healthy.

People want what’s real and pure with no chemicals involved.

Anitryl knew this could be a hit!!!

Now, Lip Kraze Cosmetics, LLC is in full effect as a result of Anitryl's determination and persistence.

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